Thursday, July 01, 2010

just another click.

changed my blog.
hm. links, can be found here.
won't be transferring ._.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

renovation in progress

guess its time to haf a new outlook,
no -.- fresh new page of a blog.
yes its going to shift, don't worry you don;t
haf to change ur link!

im having a hard time clearning my
rubbish in my room as well. ):

and off to malaysia on sunday for
5 days! xD

Monday, May 17, 2010

don't be silly girl,
you're my miracle....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i swear. the bad thing about korean
drama is that they always have BAD endings-.-


so is he alive?
i guess he is huh.
BUT. who is he with?
nvr say.
part 2 iljimae has no link with
this one. even worse.
NO conclusion.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

a really bad day

1st, cut my fingers.

2nd, student's problem.

3rd, i can't believe it is true.

im kind of pissed or rather disappointed
until my english failed me.

perhaps the thing that shocks you the most
is that the thing rebounce back without
you think that it will ever do.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

i need a person who can care for me..

don't worry, it isn't ME.
im happy with my mother and
dad, and PLUS a god father mr chef chai :D

photo taken from:

if you love pets like i do,
please share some things with the association,
with the contact information of the link above.

please, don't be stupid and send the
msg as indicated in the blog. AS
this IS A SCAM. can you imagine you're
trying to be a nice person but end up,
you're doing the opposite?
please check before you do anything yeah?

im touched by the ppl who operate this small little
blog and the ppl working at the kennel 9.
please share your kindness..

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

busy days.

seemed like im a very busy woman.
but things are getting better,
since music forest is moving to
orchard scape building, which is just beside
my korean class building - orchard building.

HOHOHO, means after korean lesson i can
go there to practice. yeah?
load adding on? NO.
its an enjoyment, its just how you see it.

got to do loads of things for ssm. =/
just DYED my hair for the 2nd time,
since i didn't did it perfectly for the 1st time..
rahhh~ and i sewed my apron.
*im a housewoman. ^^v
tomorrow got to go for typhoid jab,
if not im going to get it by the teachers. ._.

so, lets list the things down i have to do huh.
get typhoid jab……
record rainie's 雨爱 ……
print SSM notes during free time.

ok seems like it isn't a lot. but there's
more to add on!
improve vocals (like once again)
keyboard practice
add repetiore.
try freestyle playing (keyboard)
wondering if i shld try guitar once again
but i guess that's after i have mastered
learning is good, but too much = not learning at all.

rahhh, twilight is taking over my mind.
its a bad thing that im so attracted to it.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Sometimes i really want to ask god a question.

why do babies suffer even when they have not
done anything wrong? i understand that
christians said that babies are sinners because
even when their parents did not teach them
to become greedy or selfish.

BUT. its all through visuals right? i mean,
parents do show that they are selfish or
greedy for things too. ( i know that mothers are selfless)

However, they should always give them chances
to learn right? ): i really don't know.
there are even babies who have not even came to
the world and died. If it is the mother's carelessness,
i got nothing to say..
BUT if it isn't.......

alrights, im going tampines mall to get some G2000 clothes.
update later

Friday, April 23, 2010

tiring day...

SSM 1st day.
like vera said, 12 more days
to go on. ~_~ its killing me.

yes discipline is something,
that i hate. but without it,
i really cannot venture onto
other stuffs. it is needed, for me to
improve and upgrade... ):

the teachers were really strict,
even without mr goh.
you can imagine, its already without
mr goh, what happens if he's there =.=

anyways. love is naive, so.
(random reply to tagbox)

anyway, yes IM ON CHANNEL 8 TV show.
some watson variety show.
wasn't happy with my own performance.

tutee's parent didnt want to pay me
cause i wanted to quit due to
my sch's timetable unable to
accomodate with their's.
one headache today. -.-
don't want to pay me? i'll sue you okay.

anyway. im kind of like unsure of what
to do. partly, i want to quit due to
the heavy stress i get on tutoring..
2nd, if my dance class starts, heh heh.
sure kana again by the parent.

but im happy that, halil and danish likes me (:
cause they didn't wanted to change teacher.
but, im like on the end of 2 edges.
where to go?

e make up i had on that day....

i tried cooking some

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Service skill methology

god. this is killing me

i bought heels last minute,
just dyed my hair.
found a lock,
found a notepad,
ironed my clothes.

god damn~
i still got to wake up at 530 tomorrow.
bathe, go school.
reach alr at 7?
change into uniform.

difficult girls

hohoho, difficult girls,
are girls who are like me.
they may not be beauties
but still~

either they don't want a bf,
or they have 0% interest in you.

so. how?

for both catergory, 0% who is uninterested in you,
& those that who don't want
a bf right. Its either they
are too busy already, so they don't
have the time to have a r/s.
so, the only way is..

to work in the same place
as the person, to be in the same
school as her Or places that she
is always at. This can increases
your chance to be by her side, notice
what she does, what she likes or hates
and even have time to chat with her. (:

after knowing what she likes,
perhaps you can send those little
gifts to her by putting into her bag,
giving it to her personally or however
you want. (: it need not be known to her.
if she doesn't know perhaps by the end
of the day she may be even touched.

so step by step, ask her out..

slowly, feel the right time, ask the right
question~ and.^^

if cant, perhaps its time to give up ):

i'll share a place for buying small gifts.
they sell nice rings~
couple rings too.


since got looks right,
everything will be easier (:

just need to smile,
wink~ look at her sometimes.
i am sure, if she's the type that
goes for look, she's in for you.
but, if she doesn't go for looks.
at least, you have a plus point~

they are examples for SMILING :D
jjong, is, definitely a gooood example. (:

tips to attract girls

Sorry, i forgot about it. Lol.

Anyway tips to ATTRACT GIRLS.
i guess the best way to listen from,
definitely must be a girl unless the
person is a gay? i don't know.

still, many girls have different idealistic guy
they want to be with or even marry.
having an ideal boyfriend doesn't
mean HE is the idealistic husband.

for example, a boyfriend can flirt.
BUT a husband CANNOT.

SO, how do you attract a girl.

1st. LOOKS.
please, it is essential for every guy
to have LOOKS to straight away
attract a girl. But, it doesn't means that you have
looks means you will definitely get the girl.
No. you are wrong. AND. even if you don't
have the looks does not
mean that you don't have the chance.

what do i mean?

Being handsome, cool or cute, is a definite
eyecandy for many girls right? I mean,
i am a girl too. SO i know la (:

However, if you are too egoistic, or full
of yourself, cruel, gangster-like....
i mean you know the answer yourself.
It depends on the girl's character.
For example, i may like someone who
is hard to get, or is kind. SO, if your
character isn't like that, you may as well
give up yeah?

No use forcing 2 person who is not compatible
to be together. There are always other
girls out there.

For those who doesn't have looks. You can always
attract them by caring for them, being
there for the girls. Notice what the girls
need and want. That's the by far most effective way.

IF the girl ask you buy her a gucci/prada/dior/
channel/dkny or whatever branded bag.
i guess it is time to say bye. Either the girl
is hinting you that she doesn't like you, or
she is just aiming for your $$.

just to recap my driving lessons.

1. adjust seat
2. check rear, side view mirror.
3. seatbelt.
4. hand brake~
5. gear level.
6. accelerator, clutch.

to accelerate, clutch and change gear.

to break, brake first then clutch in.

to start again, change gear to 1 again.
repeat step 6.

to change lanes, signal left/right, check
side mirror rear mirror, then go.

before brakin always maintain length of
2-3 cars.

guess that's abt all?
got to multi-task. driving isn't easy man.

singtel is getting worse...

like seriously.
took away my mio box for no good reason,
didnt bring back the things that they should.

wasting hell loads of my time.
getting me to get scolded and
nagging for no good reason.

just sucks la .