Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ok . writing last sunday derhs . LOL .
went for tuition today .
in e middle of the tuition .
OMG joyce called me to tell me that
i am in for the audition !
lalalas .
den i went for dance trail
and follow by the audition
omg norhs . so many pro derhs . x.x
den its lyk . got audiences also . lol .
quite nervous but still alright though ;D
and fang laoshi said that i was better den yesterday ! xD
every1 was singing so nice ! ^^

teeheehee . hope that i will be in ! xD
alright alright .
it seemed a little late to write . hohoho .
i went for my singing lesson on saturday :D
well due to misconnection . LOL .
jus joking . xD
cos dear frankie is down wif high fever .
poor him . uh .
hms . den its lyk .
there is a performing group audition this night . x.x
omg . nervous !
after that we went to eat dinner wif veron n silver . xD
the fish soup was lyk BURNING HOT !
._. lol .
but its nice . xD

den audition arrived . x.x
omg . the thing is that i am e 2nd 1 !
the 1st gal sang mr Q .
plus dance move seh . so li hai ! xD
after that is my turn . . x.x i sang .
hms . wonder if it went good . x.x lol .
hms . fang lao shi is lyk
keep trying to ask me to smile.
LOL ._.
den dey told me i will be in 50 : 50 norhs .
OMGOMG . lol .
den i went back . xD

making a new bloggie here orhs :D
but be sure to go to my BLOGSHOP OKAY :D