Sunday, February 24, 2008

heelllooos .

i jus watched a cartoon . n got enlightened from it :D

every1 is jus lyk a 饭团.
sorry i dunno what's that in eng =/
i only noe jap call onigi. :D
and people always get jealous of other ppl .
u noe why ?
bcos . they saw their "plums / food stuffs "
on the back . they thought that they themselves haf nothing
good abt them .
so they were jealous .
but who noes ?
actually there are "food stuffs" on ur back too .
jus that . u cant see it .
so u will nvr noe that who is actually jealous of u .
and when u tink of that , u will strive higher :DD
well so what for jealousing ?

just be urself -

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