Sunday, February 24, 2008

on sat ~ went to MS .
for lessons of course :D
woosah .
helped out a bit at keeping the tentage :D
lol . n i was sweating ==.
duh . lyk that also can sweat . pro rite .
after that went for lesson .
learned a new song 真的
n cher said that .
u mus use ur base and every part of ur body to sing .
五脏六腑 to sing o.o
lol . he means lyk .
if u jus sing wif ur high voice , there's only a colour to see .
if u use ur base and mid range n high range to see ,
there are more colours rite ?
well i really agree wif it :D
i will strive harder LAOSHI! :DDD
gambatte mireen ! ^^

after that , went to my 3rd aunt hse for grandma's celebration .
felt bad for not helping at the quarter finals :(
but well . there's always a next time :DD
my feet is lyk damn pain bcos of the HIGH heel shoe . T T
now got blister le :(
then ate at there . was really delicious :D
after that . we went to compass point to shopshop :D
bought a shirt at the pepperplus .
then went back to lao yu sheng :DD
and eat cake .
after that . lol .
pagan , perline , terence , my aunt's husband and me were talking
abt getting molest LOL . and those flasher . air hostess got the right
to hit the people who molest u at the plane okay . lol .
then they talked abt that thing "" . . .
i jus noe that . when u slp . if u cant move means that 你被压住 lehs !
i didnt noe that norhs . and i got it 1 time ._.
i was slping and . suddenly i cant move and i heard plastic sound .
at 1st i thought it was my grandma who came back BUT
it wasnt . ._.
omgomg . lol . but well 俗话说得好,平时不做亏心事,半夜敲门也不警!

never give up ~

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