Sunday, February 10, 2008

sorry ehs . :D yesterday went to my aunt hse so didnt blog .
hohoho . ard 1 i went to my
san yi (3rd aunt) hse . :DDD
play labi . ^^
won few bucks .

hehes .
after that we went home den my big aunt come n fetch us .
den went to the airport to fetch pagan .
omg larhs . so cool mans ^^
air hostess . salary high ~
can go so many countries to visit .
woooooo .
den went to my aunt hse .
wow the fish that we ate was really big
n DELICIOUS okay .
too bad that i did not took a pic of it :(
the food all so NICE :DD
gona turn really fat . T T
after that watched some shows then
went to play blackjack / dai di wif
my cousins :D
won seh . ^^v
after that went home :D

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