Saturday, February 16, 2008

today is . . .
total defence day .
what a boring day ~_~
13 ppl pon sch today . nice number . LOL .

i got back my lit papers ! :DDDD
19/25 ! lyk . OMG ?
really thanks mr said for his wonderful teaching :D

after that i nid to help out for HLC .
and its lyk . the biscuit from the food rationing was nice
but . the crumps is lyk . all flying ~ ~ ~~
i jus remembered . i forgot to attend the debrief after sch ! OMG !
well forget it . ==.
ok . there are some idiots who dun appreciate food out there
which is lyk . DUH .
no face okay !
some threw the biscuits on the floor ==. and
some was lyk biting it and blow so that all the crumps
will fly on to someone's head .
and there was this stupid gal . throwing the biscuits to other side .
so no manner ? lyk duh . dun regret when u haf nothing to eat OKAY .

alright after that . min stella joanne and cindy came my hse
to watch my valentine's day video .
hohohoho . i tink they are touched though ;x LOL .
well nvm . poor me haf to cook maggie mee for dem .
lyk !@#$%^&*() !
after that shi min and cindy went back to sch for a maths remedial .
so hardworking eh ? den me n stella n joanne played dai di ,
black jack . hohoho . i won ;x
teeheeheehee .
den i went to MS . :DD
went there to gif small tokens of valentine's day stuffs .
alright. its CHEAP SKATE . but anyway .
its what ur thoughts are that measures . isnt it ?
lol . after that . set up all the stuffs again .
helpful vice chairman come n help me make up ;x
n its nt bad too !
while khim and others are joking ard . lol . and khim was lyk .
"you better check ur face after you make up "
lolol ~ den ok there was 40 participants
but it dont seems to me . lol ~
and . I GOT IN ! :DDD
i got 10 points ~
WHEE ~ lol .

after that xieshun , wayne , khim , jeremy , tommy , veron ,
si chun , evelyn and me went to cineleisure to eat .
alright . i jus ate a bread but . ok nvm .
cos it seemed very nice in the picture but i got e wrong concept ==.
xie shun dey all was lyk keep saying i m compatible wif jeremy .
but its lyk duh .
he dont lyk galfrens anyways and he is nt my type too ;x LOL .
ok larhs . he's nt bad but jus nt my type .
roar ~ yet they keep repeating ==.
zzz .
i got someone on my mind le lorhs .
jus that . i will jus look at him from afar ~
seems a bit of dramatic but well ,
that's my stuff ! :D LOL .
i m a fantasy gal hello .
den after that we walked to ps .
and ==. tommy was lyk walking so fast larhs ==.
my leg pain dao ~ cos the shoe is lyk quite small . so pain norhs . T T
after that we went home :D

wondering whether should i go for xing guang da dao anot .
well i haf decided that if there is less ppl who participate ,
i will go . if a lot , i wont :D LOL .


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