Saturday, February 02, 2008

well today . hms . woke up
at ==. 9.45 ?
went online den hai ` nthing to do
so watch anime norhs ;x lol .

some zilian pics ;x

after that went to bugis street ^^
help my gan ma to distribute Music.Story's flyer ;D
well . its lyk i understand hw ppl felt when dey
were doing their flyer job .
after that i went to buy stuffs ;x
bought 3 earrings and a necklace(i jus wanted the pendant)
and a SHOE :D
lucky all not more den 30 . lol ~
my lunch was jus 2 sticks of terriyaki pork ~_~
lol . nvm DIET FOR NEW YEAR ! :DDD

after that went to MS for lessons :D
wow its lyk e time passes so fast . jus sang few choruses den . . .
4.30 LE ! omg norhs . lol .
hm . den after that ordered mac . omg . -.-
where's my diet man .
den after that the audition starts again .
well .
ometoh gozaimas too the ppl who got in ! :DDD
gambatte kudaisai for the ppl who didnt get in . :(
u can do it the next time ! ^^

me xuan diana were playing inside . lol . :X
made fun of our *sista* . lol ;x

alright i m tired of blogging ==.
that's for today ~
to improve my *english*


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