Wednesday, February 27, 2008

yesterday . my super teens work shop has jus started .
first day is . sian ~ alright learned abt hw to summarise n stuffs .

but today . is really something i learned .
well ernest was cursing our parents and we all said choy oi and etc .
and he says since u dun wan them to die why u still hate them ?
and . do u all experience what ur mother went thru during her
pregnancy peroid ? even when our dad refuses to let the child
be born ? haf u really wondered ?
you are the winner of lyk 20million SPERMS ?
which tries to fuse into ur mum's egg .
hello . be mature .
and let me continue . do u noe that .
what the hell are u doing now ?
ur mum and dad gave life to u .
and u are lyk shouting at them ? hurting urself ?
take a look at the mirror mans .
tell the person inside the mirror u are sorry .
what u should change and etc .
if other ppl can do so can U .
who are you ? har ?
urself ? no . u dunno who u are .
u are the winner , champion , victor (etc ). the 1 who fought the
20 million sperm to get in THE EGG !
do u noe that who is the one who cared most abt u ?
when u fall down n broken ur hand . even if u didnt cry , who cried for u?
why do they cry ? COS U ARE THEIR BONES AND FLESH !
haf u ever heard the story of ne zha burning his bone for dad and flesh for mum ?
its chinese version of course . (:
what haf u DO FOR UR PARENTS ?
ask urself hello .
u only noe hw to get money what else ?
(alright for those who are guai 1 u are exception :D)

when its ur birthday .
do u thank them for giving birth to u
did ur frens freakingly gif birth to YOU ?
when haf u told ur mum that u love her ?
did u gave anything to ur mum on her birthday / mother's day?
i did of course :D
so im nt that bad eh .
but i still feel bad for shouting her at times la .
i dun talk wif my brains .
i will hug u tomo . :D
thank you too !

as for fathers .
well . its up to u .
whether they haf been a good 1 or bad 1
i seriously dunno .
if they are good . tell him u love him .
if they arent . ask him to change . (:
nt that easy of course . lol .
that's all .

do u noe that believe is a very strong message to ur brain ?
if u get affected by ppl who tease u or criticise u or whatever ~
pls ask them for hell's sake get LOST .
but if u haf frens who always encourage u .
tell them thank you .
if u see me . i will show u a very good example . ( remind me )

alright . that's all .
remember what to do for ur parents :D

i love you mireen . i really do . :D
i love mum too <3

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