Sunday, March 02, 2008

alright . i didnt blog for hms . 3 days :D
so i shall start blogging now .

on thurs .
is the last day of the super teens workshop .
omg larhs . saw a magic but nt really magic thing .
its call the steel rod or whatever .
wei qing went up to show an example .
(that was really brave of u)
and well he was asked to
believe that he is a steel rod .
and slowly the steel rod is going from his head ,
to his chest , to his stomach , and to his leg .
and they placed him on a chair at each side .
lyk omg he didnt fall . -.-"
and after that . xiao hui STAND ON HIM !
lyk . she's quite heavy ? no offence
they haf the same weight .
after that . someone went to sit on him .
and omg . that guy was weighted 70+ BUT .
wei qing was only 50+
and he didnt fall !
amazing wonders isnt it ?

** ppl . pls dun try this at home :D

after that got the closing ceremony .
so cried . but i didnt . but i cried yesterday larhs .
-.-" a bit of madness inside me . lol .
nvm . then we were asked to hug our parents and said i love you .
my mum wasnt there so . hohoho . nvm .
but i hug her on sat larhs .
that's the end :DDD

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