Monday, March 03, 2008

alright .
yesterday was kinda .
low blood pressure or not enough blood .
felt giddy -.-"
nvm .

today -
feeling nt that good in the morning .
cos my dad's gona haf operation wif 10% risk .
none of my fren asked whether he's better anot .(i mean my good fren who noes la)
if i didnt tell u doesnt means that u are not my good fren ,
jus that i dun wan to let ppl pity me . lol .
i jus dun really understand myself -.-
alright nvm .
and i was lyk black face in the whole morning .
no ppl bothered to console me . (i already said that i dun understand myself . so . sorry ==.)
and . so i was black face . and worst .
mayb i was really black mooded**
n i say something + stupid
and she shouted scold scold scold think i dun haf feeling arhs .
lol . . .
what the hell am i freakingly doing .
after that . i kept quiet (of course to control myself larhs not angry)
but i felt sad . or i dunno larhs .
cos its lyk . nvm . (:
at least now i noe that my dad's all fine (:

and .
yesterday i watched a drama which gif me a deep impression
of love but is lyk duh . its not so gonna happen in life .
the sentence is . . . .

我只管用我这一生.. 呵护你, 爱你。

SWEET RITE ? if it was me i will be lyk SO TOUCHED LA .
alright . im in my fantasy land so what ?
makes me happy jiu hao le :D
so I WILL strive my best to become a taiwanese actress and also those ancient drama ones .
LOL . cos im dramatic :D
neko <3

-who's the one who will wipe away my tears ?

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