Sunday, March 30, 2008

duh . lazy blog . hohoho .
nvm . shall be hardworking today .

woots . got bio spa test today .
omg . lol . i nvr really studied for it ;x
came out as visking tubing de .
.____________. forgot to add distilled water . T______T
and i thought that height of water
was lyk u nid to measure wif a ruler ?
OMG la . its actually VOLUME .
hai ~ dead .

den went to ms for p.g .
dancing class rocks . xD
wheets .
learned jing wu men and dai yan ren
woots woots ~
den after that went to guess where pub
wif shun khim leon xiao jing teng veron and edwin :D
after that saw vivian's and daphne's and uncle goh's performance ,
leon xiao jing teng and me went back . lol .

-sat .
omg . woke up wif a body ache .
yucks =/

went to ms for lesson ,
after that .
shun told me i was the apple gal for today . wheets .
BUT lyk duhh i was wearing slipper . =/
so no choice uh . went to bought a shoe (:

after that went back den went to nasilemak store
wif shun tommy ben leon wayne daniel and alton .
wheets :D

after that went back to set up the stuffs .
lol . y m i repeating this anyways .
lol .
shall jump to the apple part .
omg larhs . shake lyk duh . LOLOLOL .
well it wasnt really embarassing to me
because i enjoyed it :D
laugh wif the audiences . LOL !
den mr hairstylist keep styling my hair -.-
faints .
after that got meeting .
omg semi final coming eh . nervous ;x
woots woots .
o yeah ,
any 1 wana open a stall ? $300 for 2 days leh .
lai ba lai ba ~ LOL

after that went to eat .
lol .
mr daniel and ben will be good husband .
LOL help me take the food .
hello . there's nt much guys out there that will do
those things norhs . LOL .
but i wonder if they will do that after they marry though . LOl

after that went back .
on the way back .
khim told me that i'll get cheated by ppl easily .
really mehs O___________O
bu hui de bah .
nevertheless .
i'll be more alert . ha :D
wheets .


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