Saturday, March 22, 2008

- good friday

mayb ppl be blessed . ha :D

woots woots .
yesterday went to sing post to buy money order .
and lyk duh . i went so early .
i was thinking lyk the travel time would be ard 40 mins .
and actually it was 20 -.-"
alright nvm .
leon came 2nd ~ lol .
follow by khim jeremy and ben . lol .
lol . after that we went in . lyk omg ?
lucky i wrote down the address . if nt
everyone is lyk OMG HOW . lol ==.
whee .

den we went to eat at cityhall to eat .
for god's sake if dey want to say me and jeremy are tgt ,
say barhs .
i surrender ==.
say for all u lyk .
i dont care le . cos i noe who i lyk anyways .
y be affected by this rumour -.-"

alright alright back to topic .
den we went ms .
cos its ben and leon 's class .
hoho .
after that ,
we went for p.g de dancing session .
so fun dancing :D
cant wait for this sunday !
street jazz class !
omg . aand after that christ were trainin our
stage performance thing .
seriously .
if christ was a singer ,
and although he dont sing that well ,
i'll still support him norhs .
he's lyk damn shuai when he's doing the movement .
chun an also not bad .
as for gals .
really good job . im nt bias ;x mayb im . LOL

after that we celebrate justin's & shirley's
woots . the choco cake was nice :D LOL .

after that,
went to cine to eat .
lol . omg the DJ max is fun mans .
its more fun when there's a challenger :D
after tat ,
dey went to mind's cafe i think .
lol .
and i went back .
im guai kia :D LOL .

and on my way back .
at the bus , i was lyk
singing w/o sound and some malay ah lians ,
keep laughing -.- lyk duh?
oh for god's sake fuck off man ,
i do what also none of ur fucking business .
well . nvm .
its none of my business too . so jus keep out of my way

hai . den i train at home .
woots , not bad bah i guess ._____.
jia you tomo barhs . ><

going ms to practice the dance wif shun dey all :D
den after that is laoshi's class . YAY :D
den after that . . . .
well i was quite sad .
cos my frens arent going anymore =/
lyk duh .
all gif stupid reasons .
sorry but that's what i think . except for one or two (:
jia you barhs mireen .
independent is what u nid (:

-best frens ? i dont think i haf .

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