Saturday, March 08, 2008

my dad came back home . ha . (:

hms .
yesterday went for cross country .
lyk DUH .
zzz run 2 rounds .
is lyk not i cannot run is somewhere near the stomach tere
pain . due to contraction i tink .
anyways . after that rush to MS .
met alton on the way .
i thought i would be late . but
ha luckily . i m nt late ^^
den the lesson wif jude ling is really well info .
the white light therapy is somehow . hm .
dunno hw to say .
den . hms .
he said abt what divas are .
and we mus interact wif the audiences .
treat urself wif respect too .
and u mus experience anything whenever u can ^^

and i haf a WEIRD DREAM !
lolol -.-
my dream was .
i saw 2 men in sun glasses went to a taxi -.-
den . got 1 seems lyk very pro de police JUS STEP UP on the taxi .
lyk OMG ?
den somehow -.- i was scared .
den i run away . LOL .
den i saw my sch's npcc lining up .
omg ? ROFLOL .
den ,
i ran n meet someone . den we 2 together ran to a building n
see them catching the mas selamat barhs
but , it dont look lyk mas selamat . ROFLOL .
den suddenly . he won all the police on that building ,
but it was quite dark so cant really see properly -.-
den suddenly O_O
it come on to the building where WE ARE !
den i dunno why i went down (mayb to escape from him)
but too late . we saw him climbing up, ==.
den i was lyk lets run back .
den hide somewhere den when he come up ,
i kick him in the face and took the knife from him -.-
and stab him everywhere .
the funny thing is .
wherever i stab , there's lyk NO BLOOD AND WOUNDS !
omg lorhs . lol .
den the police came -.-"""
den he suddenly took out a gun which is very weird .
den wanted to point at me . but i took the knife
stab at him again -.-
roflol .
den i woke up -.-" LOL .


going ms later :D

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