Sunday, March 02, 2008


woke up at 11.30 .
lyk . OMG ? ._.
then went to hospital to see my dad again .
bought some stuffs for him to eat .
walaos larhs . nurse ask him to sit down yet
he still want to walkwalkwalkwalk
bth him -.-
den after that he wanted to rest so i went to MS for my lessons .
after that practice singing .
then help to PR wif the competitors for the auditions (:
i jus know that my competition date was 22nd of march . :D
lol . ._.
den i went to hospital again .
den went back .

im wondering .
m i sad ? worried ? happy ? or angry wif my dad .
or rather emotionless ?
or rather im jus hiding the facts .
even if i want to cry .
who'll be there for me to lend the shoulders ?
who m i to trust wif ?
sometimes i really dont know .
friends . i noe i haf .
but . the one who always accompany me . . .
who is the one ? who is there ?
well i suppose sometimes i m too selfish .
i jus dont really understand . or rather i dont want to let
ppl get know of my weakness .

-emotional ? emotionless ?

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