Sunday, March 16, 2008

-saturday .

roars .
today went to MS for lesson .
meowmeow .
frankie was late as usual . and
omg ? silver quit . so sad norhs . ):
frankie say that he feel lyk quitting too . omg norhs ><
so sad lurh !

hms . wondering when's my street jazz dancing class
is gona start .
OMG . so excited abt it :DDDDDDD
wheets wheets !

and omg . next week's my competition
wheets my doudou gang is gona support me ! ^^V
wonder will dey buy me stuffs lyk other ppl did o.o
so jealous of dem larhs .
got what herbal tea , hello kitty .
wheets im singing 一个像夏天,一个像秋天

after my lesson went down to help set up audition place .
today de host is khimmie shunnie leonnie and shirley ^^
lol . you guys did a great job ^^
>< i didnt do a great job though .
dunno why sometimes too soft or too loud .
when i think too loud dey think too soft -.-
and sometimes the ppl sing dunno why their
voice so soft . ._.
hai ~
its all my fault ~ sorry ppl . x.x

and . in the middle of the audition .
omg suddenly rain .
luckily . at least its nt a mess :D
mayb we haf no sense of urgency but ,
at least we did the job well (:
good job everyone ! ^^

after that we went to kfc to makan . lol .
omg . this is making me mad -.-
later become fatter and fatter . ><

after that went back wif chun an .
chun an is lyk wow lorhs .
he's so clear abt what he's gona do after his ns .
learned alot from him . hahas (:
den after that . woo .
he help me to clear off my doubts too .
NOW I BELIEVE THAT . the eh hem is not true after all :D
WHEEEE . lol .

after that went back home .
dont feel lyk slpping cos . ><
its lyk duh . jus eat den slp ?
turn fat hw . ._.
but anyways . cos im too tired .
so went to slp norhs . x.x

today gona go for tuition again . omg narhs . x.x
hai ~ siansation .
but duh . mr ong's tuition is damn fun . SO !

jia you ! O LEVEL ~
wheets wheets !

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