Sunday, March 02, 2008


what a boring day it is -.-
well cheered for my group VENUS :D
and wow . there was some events that only haf a venus competing
but others haf 2 but OURS GET 1st . PRO RITE :D
but venus didnt get 1st though =/
mars did . i tink ~_~
well , nvm . jia you for next year :D

joanne shi min stella joanna adeline charmaine jac and me
was at there bored to death -.-
we kept eating . (LOL)
cos we got nothing to do =/
finally went back at 1030 .

den meet joanne stella cindy and joanna
to go to AMK hub to watch L changed the world
and . wow -.-
its was really scary in the starting .
blood was flowing out all over the body through the holes and wounds .
lyk OMG . it was a virus larhs .
and there was a boy who didnt got it :D
and the F saved him :D
omgg larhs . CRUEL !

after that he was brought to L's place .
and . after that . got some scientist finding the antidote for the
virus thing . and actually he succeeded but . he found out that
the female scientist he worked wif was the original person who made the virus .
so he destroyed the antidote . and injected the virus to himself .
and . he died really scarily ~ o_____O
his daughter too went to find L . lol .
and after that . he found out that K(female scientist)
who was the one made the virus too .
den after that he went out to hide because they knew that
the gal had the antidote in her body (or rather the virus in her body)
to spread to others .
den there was this 1 scientist finally produce the antidote .
aiyahs ==.
FOR MORE INFORMATION , pls watch L changed the world at the cinemas :D

den . alright . this morning my dad went to hospital .
my mum didnt describe to me what really happened .
and after watching the show .
i went to hospital to visit him .
he's fine , but the doctor said that he has the symptoms of heart problem .
this is the root of my worries of course .
but what could i do ?
i only can ask him smoke less drink less beer .
after that went to MS for performing lessons .

wayne alton jamie and shirley was late .
well . i feel bad for taking the 5 bucks from them .
cause its really not worth it . but no choice . its my job =/
im really sorry =/

den laoshi taught us abt something related to our oral exams . lol .
lyk saying the chinese words clearly . expression . flow of the sentence .
blahblahblah .
lol . den using our cheek bones to sing .
after that .
went to a pub to watch the performance of khim and the others ~
1st time going to pub . hahas :D
then . went back .

-not showing my weaknesses :D

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