Thursday, March 20, 2008

wheets .
im here to talk rubbish . woohoohoo .
sometimes i really wonder -.-
do i attract tiko pehs or jus tat im thinking too much .
i dont understand y dey lyk to stare at me or something .
oh shucks -.-"
nvm . stays out of my side okay .


sometimes i wonder .
do i really look lyk a joke ?
ppl laugh at me sometimes . and seriously
i dont mind . but what if dey laugh at me because im jus
something ugly or looking hilarious stupid ?
of course . if my frens laugh at me for my action ,
i dont mind larhs .
cos making ppl happy is making myself happy :D
woots .
yet , sometimes ppl say ppl who are those always happy ones ,
are the ones that who are really sad within their self .
i agree but , its only sometimes that i sad
jus that i dont want to show it ?
sometimes joking wif all of dem could jus
cover up my sadness . ha (:
woots but .
what for being sad when u could be happy ?

woots , and omg .
mayb im really acting cute too much ,
and being too rough .
i should really change myself to be more
lyk duh .

-@ MS
today sang 一眼瞬间 with leon . lol .
he sang so NICE , and i sang lyk shyt .
1st time , nvm cos i jus sang 1st tryout but DUH OMG .
lyk all badbadbad all e way . T_______T
JIA YOU MIREEN ! sat is singout , omg larhs.

tomo going to singapore post centre wif wayne ,
erm mayb ben and leon and jeremy for
the payment to teenage icon i haven register lorhs . should i or not ?
thinks that im gona go barhs (:
wheets . tomo 's dancing class .
remember no jeans and slippers , only sneakers and track shoe !

-always stay excited for every moment to go on (:

where's the one who's out there for me ?
wishful thinking .

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