Sunday, March 23, 2008

woots woots .
STREET JAZZ . rocks . xD
omg .
its so interesting abt street jazz .
can help me to stretch my muscle well as well . :D
hohoho .
omg la .
im lyk so tight again le -.-"
n . xie shun . jia you . :D dont worry too much .

ganbatte neh !
but durin e lesson .
the starting part .
my chest suddenly pain sia .
omg do i haf heart attack ?
erm . lol . (follow khim) ;x
but its lyk really scary lorhs =/
but nvm . ha . a while later not pain .
only when dancing only . :D
after that .
kind cordy send me back home :D
of course her kind mum too ;x

cant wait for next week's dancing class . xD

well . on the way to ms .
i was thinking something stupid .
which made me feel emo -.-
lol .
i was lyk wondering who i lyk .
well duh -.-
nvm . hoho .
what's crush ? and what's the feeling when u lyk someone
of course i mean dan lian la. but i nt sure marhs =/
but OK OK .
i noe .
ITS O LEVEL and i shouldnt be thinking abt this .
forget it :D

-but . omg . who's the one for me ? ._.

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