Sunday, March 23, 2008

-woots . sat -

went to ms and lyk duh .
so early . ._.
after that . xie shun told me and leon abt his love story .
woots woots .
didnt noe that shun is lyk so . 专情
lol . but it dont seem so now :X lol .
well . for me ,
mayb if it was me larhs .
i wouldnt get wif the guy again .
cos its lyk duh . im scared of hurt .
who doesnt ?

den we went to maxwell buy food :D
den went back le .
played wif jarome .
wheets .
den i went for my lesson .
omgomg .
the double beat . is power mans .
i'll try my best to master it !

after that , hm . o yeah i saw zhen ning (css2)
jeremy and some guys which i donno . lol .
all from superstar or band de narhs :D

woots . some of dem sing zi de at chun an;s class .
and omg . its very nice (:

after that . i changed into the clothes im gona wear .
and lyk duh . dey say it doesnt match wif my BOOTS . !@#$%^&*
anyways . nvm :D
den shun . omg -.-
he went to style my hair .
style is nvm , BUT OMG ?
he put so many hair spray .
ZZZ larhs .
my hair already shao le he still spray so much !@#$%^&*(
faints -.- my hair dunno drop hw many hundreds le larhs .

ok nvm . since its nice i shall forgive him .
lol . hm . after that . i kept taking pics wif everyone . lol .
well i brought my camera marhs . dont waste ;x

den , omg . start le ><><>< omg .
and after that we went to maxwell for supper ? lol .
wif ben leon daniel veron :D
den shun wayne greg and kelson and shun's 2 galfrens also . lol .

hm after that when my group is lyk going to finish their food .
joyce edwin jasmine hsin wen and shirley i think ~
came . (: lol .
den after that veron joined dem . lol .
den we went back . to hop onto the last train :D

lol . daniel was lyk DRUNK . lol !
haha . he was lyk abit siao ;x
den throwing leon's jacket at ben and ME . omg la .
i wasnt paying attention . omg .
den the jacket hit me T____T
lol . den after that . lol .
we played dai di on the train .
its lyk illegal ? lol !
i won the 1st game :D
den lol . 2nd game haven finish i zao le x.x lol .

took night owl 6 back . lol .
chao fast mans . i lyk it ;x LOL .
and ben is so caring . :D ask me whether im home
le marhs .

today street jazz . xD cant wait for it !

-MS ppl rocks :D

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