Tuesday, April 29, 2008


jus a sudden reflection to me .
what's frenship ?
what's between good fren and normal fren and best fren ?

i believe . actually frenship is jus a feeling . or rather
behavior towards ppl that u see them before .

but good friends are diff .
and best friends are even more diff .

good fren is the ppl who talks to u and
hm .
hang out tgt ~
watch movie all those ~

for best fren . currently .
i believe i haf quite a few . haha .
is those that u noe that they'll stand by u .
and . you'll think of them almost everyday .
the one that you hope that they would be there for you .
and someone that you could trust .
and you'll noe that they'll support u for whatever you do .

sometimes . i jus dont understand .
mayb . its just that all of my frens dont understand me well enuff ?
or rather i hid myself in the shadow behind me . haha ,
gr gr .
AH .
but . sometimes i jus cant cry on anyone's shoulder . lol .
so confused .

should i be sad abt my frens ?
or it isnt worth it ?
but . i jus cant stop it .
i can feel the tears running inside my heart .
why m i sad ?
-confused .

-mireen needs a shoulder .

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