Thursday, April 24, 2008

got saboed by msKHIM-panda.

why ? BECAUSE .
basically i got nothing to do . LOL

remove one question from it and add one of ur question to make it a total of 20 questions, then SABO 8people..

1) what did u regretted before ?
not letting my 1st secretlove to noe that i lyk him and .
regretted that we didnt keep contact . but i dunno whether
would i still like him now . HOHOHO
not being able to make my fren stay . . .
not having to take the best care for my hamster ):

2)what do you want the most now?
haha . someone that matches my qualification to be my boyfriend (LOL)
but normally u wont really go for the qualification . haha .
to be wif my friends and family . have alot of money ! (so no nid to study and work . HAHA)
additional-a best friend who i can really trust and share problems wif . HAHA
because i dont confide into ppl easily . (:

3)who is the person you trust most?
hmm . difficult question . i trust alot in my frens . cos i believe in them . HAHA!
my mother ?
still finding for more HAHA .
i tink i got a few in mind :D

4)who do you think in mind now?
o.o hm . MS animal gang . LOL . no la. dunno leh.
secret. haha .

5)If you hav a dream to come true..what is it?
being a taiwanese star and get to act in those drama.
because . its when i get to be in a fairy tale . hoho .
HAHA ! of course . no globalwarming and world peace too .
and my family and friends to be HEALTHY.
ops i tink more then 1 . LOL

6) whats ur goal for this year?
getting a GOOOD 'o' level result HAHA.
L1R4 - less den 11 :D haha .
sing better and dance better ~

7)do you believe in eternity love?
hm . depends ? if the guy is the type of "" that
is loyal all those ~ ^^ which is quite rare in the world now

8)have you ever broke a person's heart that he/she wanna commit suiside?
lol ~ no ? duh . only ppl break my heart . lol . and i agree wif khim HAHA .

9)what kinda feelings do you like most?
happiness . safe . getting hug by someone that i like . HEHE .
being loved ^^ o yeah and confident ~
being able to cry out on another one's shoulder

10)what are the requirements from ur other half?
hmhm . alot nei . but normally i tink i wont follow it but i shall jus write out . HAHA
1. loyal ~
2.caring ~
3.thoughtful ~
4.not ugly(LOL)
6.taller den me . HAHA
7.allow me to trust him .
8.gentleman ~
9.of course , let me lie on shoulder . HAHA
10.sense of secure

11) what kinda feelings u hate most?
treated for granted
additional - 被跃妄(spellingerror). T_____T
means getting the punishment or something that u are not responsible for.
is other ppl who is responsible . HAHA .
BEING SICK TOO . (but is this a feeling ? .____.)

12) doo you cherish every friendship of yours?
of course. haha . unless they dont .
in fact . i cherish alot ^^

13)DO you believe in god?
hm . somehow . yeah (:

14) whats de most impt thing in ur life?
to be with my family ~
happiness ~
being able to sing dance and act ^^

15)who do u hope to be there for you always?
hm . ppl that i love . but . i dont tink they'll be there anyways . (erm only some HAHA)
i believe that animal gang would be there for me bah . (:
but . HAHA . i dunno la .

16) who are important to you?
my family ~ animal gang ^^ and . dd ^^

17)who cares for you most?
my family (:

18)do you believe in rainbow after rain ?
yeap . i believe bitter in the start and sweet in the end ^^ WOOTS .

19) do u think fate control you or u control fate?
duh . of course i control fate . because its my decision afterall .
but . fate controls the people we meet afterall . ha ~

20) what is love to you?
its something that is mutual .
means giving and taking .
it is memorable and pure . haha .
its a feeling when u feel happiness
when u see the sight of that person
and you gets happy and the heart beating when he speaks to u.
take picture all those uh .
it can be one sided and both sided(each other tgt) too . HAHA.
especially when u 斗嘴 wif him . 那种暧昧不明的时候
and one sided is nt that bad too . haha .
it can be just looking at him when he's happy and u'll be contented .
and selfless? HAHA .

i believe i have not been in love for quite a time HAHA .
i want to be in love ! omg .
HAHA . but no1 lyk me . so sad ): no la HAHA .
no such person exist in my life now lei . hehe .

-SHUNNIE(duh but he stop blogging><)~
-BEN(in case u nvr pass by khim's blog)HAHA
i shall be good . HAHA .
sabo 7 ppl ^^

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