Sunday, April 27, 2008

hm and hm and hm .

i swear i'll be more normal gal .
shall screw up my brain's nuts .
grr .
no more throwing away my xing xiang .
haha .
no more madly joking around .
more gentle ^^

i dont agree wif my facil for the camp alr .
he say that im quiet softspoken wif certainty .
HAHA . am i quiet -.- or rather softspoken ? LOL
dont tink so . HAHA .
but i agree wif andrew ^^ always cheerful and full of energy
but duh . he nvr see my saddening part only . HAHA !

so i shall be more conserved . (((:
no more mad mireen . HAHA
so u'll not be laughing at me .
i'll be the one laughing at u . *MUAHAHAHAHHAS .

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