Thursday, April 17, 2008

hmm .
now that i wonder .

hm . mayb i seem naive .
if u have any problems regarding ur relationship la
all those la .
can come look for me :D
msmireen will be happily lending her ears to listen .
WOOTS . ^^
we can cry tgt . haha everything lurh .
why m i sounding so cheerful -.-
lol . anyways .
im a different person when it comes to counselling .
SO . 不要小看我!

haha . im here for you .
i expect my frens to be smiling everytime UH!
so if u're my fren .
u better smile .
HEHEHEHE . LOL . toot ~
mayb that's why im a bit crazy eh . LOL
i dont mind getting embarass to make ppl smile .
hohoho . but duh . only for some stuffs** LOL .
u cant ask me to tuodiao tuodiao tuodiao UH .
cant stand u . LOL :X
toot !

my motto of life FOR NOW IS !


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