Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a incident which made me realise something . . .

haha . notice this cute gal ~
i was taking the lift when i saw her (:
she was lyk very cute .
singing i love you ~ you love me ~ we are happy family ~

and i jus realised . do we really love each other ?
sometimes ppl neglect each other's feeling .
because dey jus did not understand each other enough .
they jus tink whatever they suppose the another one to tink .
so i suggest that . mayb we nid to understand each other more .
haha . sometimes ppl may jus offend another not purposely.
and sometimes these words . really hurt . haha .
you'll nvr noe !

mayb when we're young that's the best moment of our life
i love being young ,
but when im young i wan to be old -.-
when im old i want to be young . OMG !

haha remembering the moment of now and thinking
back when we're old . omg . its lyk so romantic or fun or something HAHA!

-what's my purpose to love ?

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