Monday, April 21, 2008

i like this song :D

now that i remember . haha could u believe that
my 初恋 was lyk really in pri 4 .
he's the 1st guy that i really liked . lol . and i tink also
mayb the last . now that i think abt it .
haha . because when ppl get mature .
its lyk . the life would be more complicated , but for children ,
its jus love . fun . not betraying . playing all those . HAHA

i jus felt that . its really lyk . i cant explain it .
他会和我斗嘴。而且我们还蛮幼稚。小时候吗。 哈哈。
就是觉得,真的很喜欢他。 并不是玩玩的哦。但是,我不知道他是怎么想的。


haha . i wonder what would happen if i meet him someday . but is lyk quite impossible . LOL .

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