Wednesday, April 09, 2008


lol .
went out wif ms ppl :D
woots .
sorry guys . i was late :(
cos . was practicing sparring wif frens at sch .
lol . went to the ktv to sing . lol .
wif mr baboii , mr cow , ms shanshan , and mr eyyyooreee
and shortly after ms veron joined us too :D

after going to ktv awhile ,
me and shan shan went to buy food .
lol . and she asked me a question .
which was quite diff to answer . (LOL)
shallnt say what the question is ;x

and i was lyk telling her what my bf personalities mus haf .
and . LOL . lyk damn long ;x which
i tink there's rare in the world . lOL

1.caring (even towards animals :D)
2.ok looking (: (i dont tink any1 wans a ugly 1 o.O no offence >< )
3.thoughtful ~
4.knows what i want
6.loyal (u dont wan guys to run away uh)
7.not too open minded (i dont lyk ppl who speak too much vulgar ;x)
8.if can of course ;x some guys in those taiwanese drama .
for this point . i tink im too dramatic . LOL

lol . i jus realise . i haven asked her abt something . LOL
hm shall ask her this friday . hohoho .

lol . we cre8ed alot of mess . hahas .
and starting was shun wif leon i guess .
den daniel knock off the drinks . LOL
den i tink he did it 2 time ;x LOL .
den the floor was lyk niam niam one .

lol . den we were lyk keep singing duet . hohoho .
lol . woots . den after that .
ard 10.45 went back . :D
shunnie was lyk so sweet ask me to sms him
when i reach home. lol ~
gals ~ go for mr shunnie . LOL
so sweet de guy rarely exist ~
jus joking :D

hoho .

-love my mummy :D

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