Monday, April 14, 2008


woots . MS OPEN HSE .
went to kovan to meet animal gang and ms ppl :D
den went to buy the tea reception stuffs . lol .

rushed to ms :D
helped to cut the cakes and stuffs .
xie shun is so rough lo ;x
i cut nicer ^^ LOL .
and neater ;x

after that . practice singing wif DAPHNE :D
woots . she wore so nice . i wore lyk shyt -.-
faints ~
den make up all this . haha .
den after that .
PR wif some ppl :D
suan ~ nich and winson or vincent something lyk that .
haha . sorry stm uh ):
MS ROCKS :D wif us :X LOL
after that . .
omg reach time le .
lyk duh .
not really prepared . LOL .
den rush up lyk tooot .
so weird .

i was kinda relax during the hosting . LOLOL .
haha . nvm IT WAS FUN :D
starting was the game thingy .
and den follow by performance .
hoho .
and .
when is was my turn to sing -.-
lol . lucky nvr forget lyrics . hoho .
but some of dem did . lol .
but some cannot see that they forgot uh .
but some really obvious .
what's wif the but but but . LOL .
erm -.-

after the thing was laoshi's free trial . haha .
den i went to the last room and omg .
yi yuan's beatbox is lyk DAMN COOL .
i feel lyk learning too . HOHOHO .
den i went down and find daniel shan shan dey all
looking at a video . lol ~
there was a gal dancing lian ai ing ~
den after that . went to maxwell wif khim leon and jeremy . haha
vivian and the gang went too ^^
we bought some food and shared ~ haha .
i have been wanting to do that long ago . :X
when we went back we were lyk discussing some
BGR stuffs . LOL .
khim lyk guys that will care for her oh ~
dont lyk the guy to stick to her too much .
ha this is the same point as me ;x LOL . TOOT .
as for mr baboii . he's very simple .
if got gals lyk him . omg . she'll haf a hard time
asking him to be her bf . LOL .
trying to find gan jue . LOL

after that was SJ :D WOOTS .
so fun . duh ~

den went back 1st floor .
dey were reading some scripts .
and when i read i was so toot .
so fierce . >< ATTITUDE ! LOL

den went back wif leon and silver ~ :D
woots .

-omg . wondering did i lyk him ? .___.

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