Monday, May 26, 2008

HAHA shall do a survey . . .

1# Single, taken, liking or crushing?
SINGLE ! :D not sure if im crushing/liking
o.o but most prob no ~

2# Are you happy with your life now?
so far yeap . but nt wif some ppl . ard . 75% :D

3# When you meet with the right person,
will you fall in love with him fast?
i tink . if i observe him real enuff . yeah . probably .
since its the right one alr.

4# Have you ever had your heart broken?
for frens . . yeap .
for lovers . . yeah . hahahahaa .

5# Do you believe there are some circumstances
where cheating love is acceptable?
mayb . when i tink . he's that good . for me to
lyk . be wif him (:

6# Would you take someone back if he cheats on you?
hm . depends what he cheat me la . but i think most prob .
not . cause . even if its the positive point for what i written @ 5# ,
i dont wan the person to be wif me unless he really lyk me.

7# Have you ever talked about marriage with another one before?
yah but its because im too naive at the time -.-

8# Do you want children?
yeah . but . unless i will marry o.o

9# How many?
one or two :D

10# Would you consider adoption?
if i dont marry i might :D
at least i can gif a home to someone who's alone. .

11# If someone likes you now right now, what do
you think is the best way to let you know his feelings?
letter ? nvr receive any letter before. HAHA .
qing shu u noe ~ HAHA

12# Do you enjoy getting into a relationship?
depends on the guy .

13# Be honest, what is the furthest you and your ex did?
hm . kiss ?

14# Do you believe in love at first sight?
not really . but mayb :D

15# Are you romantic?
course i m . HAHA . too bad im nt born as a guy .
or all gals'll fall under my spell . HAHA

16# Do you believe you can change someone?
yeah . change someone before . (:

17# If you could married somewhere, where would it be?
hm . italy ? japan ? mayb sg . but . HAHA .
homeland better bah . more relative and frens can come .

18# Do you easily give up when you are fighting?

19# Do you have feelings for someone right now?
hmm . me myself is nt that sure . yeap . mayb yes (:

20# Have you ever wished that you had
someone but you messed it up?
not really . jus that i lost him . haha .
u noe ~ pri 4 ~ ~ ~

21# Have you ever broken a heart?
mayb i did . but . he hurt me more ?
mayb im jus selfish .

22# If one day your best friend fall in love
with the boy/girl you deeply in love with,
what would you do?
hm . depends on the boy, who he lyk bah . i tink .
i rather give him up (: depends depends . .

23# Are you missing someone right now?
yeah . HAHA

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