Friday, May 02, 2008

after reading khim's blog .
felt lyk wanting to write a random essay .
muahahaha .
sorry uh . no copyright :X SO SHALL USE IT.

MIREEN wants ~
perform well in the upcoming performance .
sing better .
dance better (:
to be dance teacher (:
khim to be happy and not stressed
everyone to be happy (cause this affects me oh shugs)
secureness (duh . no one could gif me unless i haf bf . so =/ )
to be lesser hyper . (too hyper no xin xiang . no 1 will wan me ):)
focus more on studies =/
have best fren that i can share problems wif and trust on .
to dont think negative of other ppl . (cant control it ): ) (i noe im bad)
world peace
family happiness
family peace
a better father(lol)
more money -.- to pay fees . duh .
slimer ~
pass well my o's
be loved .
be appreciated .
be noticed .
a shoulder to lean on .
hugs .
to be a actor/singer/dancer
to be strong .
more clothes ~ cosmetics ~ etcetc ~
a guy who i noe he can be trusted and dont hurt me . but i nid to study =/
to be happy and contented
to improve my studies .
to cook well .
to learn to bake nice cakes and desserts . and share with the ppl i love
to be help others when they are sad if i can
to get in next round for yuan dian .
to be teenage icon winner (LOL)
to cry . (erm . haha)
to have a space of my own.
to have the power to be happy always
to have the ability to noe who'll be true to me . (LOL)
to have lots of money to buy shirts and etc ~

haha jus realised that im a gal who needs alot of secureness
from what i noe from mskhim ~ haha

so far till here .
HAHA might add somemore :X

haha shall stop and go ORHORH ! BYES xD

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