Monday, May 19, 2008

yeaps .
-sunday post

woke up 1 hr later today ;x
well . not under my control -.-
was supposed to wake up at 8 but woke up at 9 instead
LOL . i noe i noe -.-
imma pig . ROAR
went to ms ~
haha bought my breakfast -.-
its lyk just got a few mouth of it .
and nobody wana eat cos all eaten .
ben leon and hsin wen good la .
nvr call me go eat breakfast . .

lol jus joking :D
haha yeap .
den practice lo ~
after that chiong cab down to east point again . HAHA .
the performance wasnt really high* for me ): yeah .
dunno y also .
mayb too rush ?
HAHA but anyways .
the audience are better today ! got clap :D HAHA
haha . after that we went to walk ard ~
ben suddenly become o.o emo .
so not lyk him uh .
tried to cheer him but ): no use .
well mayb he need some silence . haha
we split into 2 groups ~
den we went to eat long john but i went to buy kfc's
HAHA so long nvr eat le . so nice . xD
but duh . so fat -.- cheese . . . .________.
grr . nvm . =.=
den went to banquet to find them . lol .
saw some chickens LOL
SO FUNNY . nvm ;x
den hm hm hm . play some games den den .
some of them went to the massage . lol .
but i wonder did they really went to do it . LOL .
hm den ben and shaun started this stupid game
that when u win the scissor paper stone -.-
den u get to slap another's face . lyk omg -.-
see the video later and u'll be lyk OMG ?
lol .

after that went to the topmost floor . haha
wanted to practice dance but o.o didnt . lol .
haha play play there lo .
den after that went to the first floor prepare for our last performance ):
so sad . x.x
yeap . but we gotta do it !
haha . same thing . no highness . ._.
but happy all the same . xD
after that ~ sang super no. 1 ^^
haha fun .
after that ~
只对你有感觉 with ben and baboii .
-.- when we were at the top floor ben was lyk "huh . 没有人跟我牵手"
LOL . so funny .
i'll be posting it up . :DDD
yeap . after that we went to tampines .
they wanted to watch movie .
actually i was supposed to accompany my
family to eat but . yeah i didnt went (:
den we went to kopitiam to eat .
and . some sensored things happened . LOL
den went to watch the stupid congkak
u noe the malay game that u play wif saga seeds (love seeds)
yeah . lol . i played before la . omg . LOL
nvm nvm .
go and watch if u wana experience it !
alton keep shout lyk TOOOOOT . (gal w/ high pitch )
LOL ben is lyk scared dao ~ LOL. HAHA
stupid sound effects la -.- irritating . .
nvm . HAHA .
baboii use jacket cover . HOHO
this shows that not all guys are brave OKAY . LOL
-.- stupid shaun keep laughing DUNNO FOR WHAT ALSO
o yeah . half way LOL elson wif his "high pitch" laughed
o yeah -.- some parts i heard what cha cham bo ~ LOL
and what ni ah ma . LOL
omg o.o
sorry but that was entertaining . LOL.
yeap . anyway after that .
went to toilet right .
ben walked to a dark corner . .
den alton followed .
LOL den ben was lyk
alton xia daooooo LOL
and after that everyone was afraid to go home by themselves .
mayb for some ;x news me and panda . (LOL)
haha . yeap after that panda and me and jeremy and alton board the
81 bus :D yeah .
thank you JEREMY ! for accompanying and waiting for me to the 70 busstop.

-.- woke up ard at 12 plus today .
esp . for dinner .
omgomg . turning fat . x.x
hiahia . shall upload pics tomo . gonna be lyk 100 of them . LOL
and videos :D MUAHAHAHA

dreams ~ wooohoooooo

-hmhm . gogo jiayou !

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