Wednesday, June 18, 2008


its kinda weird when i said digimon uh .
somehow these few days when i rewatch the show..
omg la -.- i cried ? for some u noe .
when they are in danger and they evolve .
its seems kinda simple yet it brings a message behind it .

one of e episode was abt a digimon dying for his fren . ..
they met when he was helpless . . .
thus getting together as a best fren .
and now sacrificing his life for him .
and the owner of e digimon shout for his name and the digimon evolved !
mayb u dont feel touched but i do .
really . (:

who in e world will really sacrifice for u?
mayb there are . but they are really rare .
mayb for minor things they would but who would sacrifice themself
to death? no one would i guess . .. mayb for couples but .
also a very minimum chance . but i believe there's one thing .
kinship . (: i really love my mummy . HAHA . i would do that okay .
for my mum :D

and now . im in a bad mood . due to some reasons
which i dont wan to reveal (:
and i tink i'll nvr find someone who'll be able to totally
gif me enough trust and belief to be entrusted to . haha .

and . now . i tink i really haf to be .
mayb quiet . or i dont noe what .
well . its up to me (:

-feel lyk crying

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