Saturday, June 07, 2008

tomo ~ ~ ~
going oversea ! :D
to indonesia . haha .
hmm . hoping its a wonderful trip anyway .
cause i haven been there quite long . yeap .
and . changing to a new hotel that i have nvr stayed in before .
as in the past we always stayed at rainbow hotel . haha .
hope my parents dont start quarrelling over there -.-

humph .
today's p.g seemed a little boring today .
with negative ions hanging around us .
well really happy that someone said that
he/she was gan dong when i sang the slow song "tiankong"
haha. thanks :D
-.- i was singing until lyk . omg out of breath ?
keep gek"ing .

i have made some decisions .
but i seem to regret . yeap .
i jus wanted to be as normal as being 2 good or rather best fren
but it seemed that it is too late now . yeap .
nvr noe what things would go on . and nvr predict it .
i just dont want to end up worse in the later part of our lifes .
and he's a good guy .
he really is . that's the reason y . i dont wana hurt him . yeap .
haha . there'll always be the end where it would be . ... ~~

dear . now i agree wif u . haha .
but it wasnt really that identical . haha .
i really need to think in my freaking mind before
i say anything . i shall turn over to a new leaf when im back to singapore
i'll try my best and i hope i'll (:

anyway . im nt gonna touch any bgr until my
o's are over. controlling myself .
promise ! MUGGG HARDDD !

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