Wednesday, June 18, 2008

totally tired today -.- dunno learn hw many 8s today
in the performing group dance class .
feel lyk blank today la ~
anyway .
wasnt feeling great today -.-
kinda aggitated when i saw someone in the mrt .
khimmie u shld noe . LOL

and after that on to the bus 2 banglas ON IT .
well .. SERIOUSLY . i hate the way they look at me
foR GOODNESS SAKE . wth la ?
one of them kept turning back . dunno for what effing business .
and worst i feel that they are going to lyk molest me or something .
well im sensitive mayb . LOL . im prepared to lyk kick them okay .
as in IF they go off e same bus stop as me la . lol .
LUCKILY . they didnt -.- BUT .
when i go off . they WERE LYK LOOKING AT ME ALL E WAY .
so feel lyk punching them .
alright i confess that i mayb a bit too agitated but . yeah .
mayb im nt in a good mood .

sch reopening -.- IRRITATING .
shall revise tomo and go for tuition -.-

-tired and . oh fish

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