Monday, July 28, 2008

hmm .
sometimes i feel really sad for those
u noe . erm . 配角 ( dont really noe the chinese word -.-)
those .. side actors ..
sometimes i really feel that actually those who are not the main
one and lyk the main gal one ah . actually they really not bad de lo !

e.g .. some shows which i want the main gal to go with the
ermm .. side guy . HAHA .
so far till here . cos i dont remember le . haha .
for the first one right ..
i tink the guy more handsome and lyk more compatible to shui ling long :D

for ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni..
i tink dylan can take more good care of chen xin yi..
lyk .. he's really a rare guy and he's lyk soo romantic. HAHA
but actually cun xi not bad la uh :D

for lv guang sen ling right ..
i tink that the .. erm erm ..
yuan fang can take better care of the gal also .. lol .
omg i jus forgot the gal's name . LOL .
and somemore .. he lyk tha gal from young ..
although william also la .. but i feel that he's better anyway ..
more cleverer . :D

yesss . k la . time to stop dramas !
but its lyk .. less . but not none ..
cos >< i'll suffocate de .. omg . lol .
need time to rest eh ..
but must control . YESYES .
haha . jiayou teenage icon semi final ! ^^V

-woosahhhh .

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