Wednesday, July 09, 2008

hms. quite late for updating but . yeah .


mireenLOOKSgentle ^^

went to e church and today's topic was abt disappointment.
yes. i always have disappointment.
what is disappointment ? its a feeling when a appointment that
has not happen or it happened when it is nt supposed to.
wellwell .
i realised . i m always disappointed. (:
but . from what the pastor has said, yes .
i need to forgive, and let the events pass .
and yeap . i cried haha (:
im really not scared lo -.- so many ppl thought that i
xia dao den cry de ~_~ faints . m i suck a weakling?
after that . went to macau dunno what restaurant for
dinner (: and ... I SAW ,

the baby is cute de lor ! OMG

-xuanhse update.
MILO . pervert dog :X
smell my butt when i went her hse ~_~
same for jeremy. LOL

-monday!east coast - marina square.

AHHH OMG . cuties !
saw em at some pet shop . omgomg !

this bread looks real doesnt it ?
touching feel LOOKS REAL TOO .
but . ITS A FAKE !


mugging time ~

HAHA . competition.
which looks most lyk the statue?




supposed to go east coast today .
but tian bu zuo mei , went marina square to study instead .
OH WELL . watched get smart .
rate it ard . 7/10 (:
funny . but a bit -.- lame in e starting . lol .
after that i went back and saw e ferris wheel . haha .
and i thought of being an actress again (:
seriously . i wan to be a taiwanese actress .
trying all my best (: HAHA ! jia you mireen !

ohh god . i feel that i didnt did well =/
conver was abt 3rd language . didnt expect it at all .
well luckily , i learn jap before . HIAHIAHIA .
but still stop and say and cant find e right word ):

after that went to my aunt hse for swimming !
see e steam . omg .

steam room ! cant even see properly inside lors -.-"

hiahia . DONT BE EMO BE ELMO !


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