Monday, July 07, 2008

oh holly omg .
this world is getting worse and worser .
global warming and etc etc .

now's the vulgarism season ?
children in primary sch SHOUT OUT VULGAR .
omgomg . what the world has become .
this is bad ~_~
and very bad -.-"
where goes their virtue ?
childhood ?
all ended up in a whirl of emptiness ?
this is making me worry for the sake of the world .
wellwell . none of e parents or even siblings are teaching their
daughter/ son / sister / brother to be a good boy/gal .
this is hell -.-"
and u need to teach from young isnt it ? -.-"
GOD . pls save the ppl !
jus nw during the process of going back home .
heard 2 teenagers keep saying the F***
and c*** b** dunno for hw many time . lyk this is hell mans -.-
cannot tahan de lo .

anyway . tomo's my chinese oral exam ! JIA YOU AH !

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