Saturday, August 16, 2008

-friday ..

after tuition..
den went to ms today..
haha .
only baboii and hsin wen were dere . oh well (:
anyway . we had a fun time . LOL .
tickling ? LOL .. mayb i'll upload the video tomo . LOLOL .

hmm . tinking abt what khim say..
she say i dont look lyk a literature student ..
well . mayb i dont haf the language..
but from what my teacher says ,
using simple words to explain a difficult meaning is better den using difficult words ..
why ?
i guess..
its because . not alot ppl understand diffcult words ..
and if u could explain with simple meaning but with deep impressions
i guess , its better right .

well ~ haha nvm . jus tinking ..
well .. gotta brush up my english anyways .. yeah .
y care abt other ppl ~ its more abt what u want isn't it ?
no one . is ever perfect ..

ahhhhh . wo shang bao le . LOL
teenage got my PICTURE in it . LOL
-.- ugly LA CAN .
oh gosh .
gotta position myself nicer next time . LOLOLOL .
jia you !

i wanna be a taiwanese star cum actor.. but
can i ?
believe in urself ! ^^V
fulfill ur dreams .. its just the way isnt it !

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