Sunday, August 03, 2008

haiiiiiiiiiiii ~

-.- omg .
i have been watching too much DRAMAS !!

anyway . jus .. hmm let me out the hueeling abit . LOL ;x

omg . .
sometimes i wish that the guy who i like and he also like me lurh .
be blur abit ..
i rather want him to speak the truth everytime . HAHA .
i mean lyk . yeah .
haha tupid dao speak all truth u noe .
is chao 可爱 and chao 傻 de..
yeah .
den lyk if i say u lyk that gal isit ?
he will lyk very cutely say 不是不是的!

ahhh . 我的天。。
this kind of guy is endangered . somemore wan handsome de -.-"
only can find in dramas now beh .

esp . taiwan / 古代
i wan to succeed ! jia you !

oh yeah . jus remembered ..
seriously .
i hope my dears .. my frens .. my family or whoever .
pls dont underestimate me ..
i dont wish to hear . "u sure anot" , "u can meh" ,
"she sure win you de lor" "are u sure u can do better den her?"
all this rubbish ..
i thought that frens are supposed to support one another ?
y have it changed to criticising one another ? -.-
i mean lyk yeah .

i noe u guys or my whoever is doing for my own good but ..
i rather u jus give comments lyk . hmm . its good but abit ~~~
not straightaway cannot sure cannot de ..
its lyk trashing my dream straight away can -.-
i rather have hope den a trashed target ..
even if the result i get might be not good but so ?
that's what i wan .
so i will face the consequences ..

yes.. i mean . yeah . dont mind kaes if anyone see this (:

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