Friday, September 05, 2008


well kind of angry this few weeks..
due to certain things..
well.. its okay.. no ppl is perfect isn't it (:
learn to tolerate and compromise..
but im afraid..
i may just burst it out once and for all..
oh i hope i dont =.=
sometimes i really hate ppl saying things abt me..
but well. its alright (:
i also do that isnt it . =.=
i feel kind of guilty.. omg.. lol . x.x
actually.. i dont really lyk to badmouth ppl..
but somehow i kinda get influenced . x.x
bad habit !
mus changeeeeee ..


well .. haha its on monday ~ ~ ~
got handsome guys look @ me !
haha im lyk 花痴 -.-
LOl.. hmm ..
e synpathy de mingyang..
e 五个人的主唱..
look @ me leh .. omg
faintss . LOL .
k la.. jus saysay only .. haha (:
but.. hohoho..
i got lyk mingyang's frenster..
xiaolong and xiaoshao's frenster also..
but ink de.. is lyk i dont really noe them =.=
and age gap quite big i believe ~_~
who will be interested to talk to a young gal seh ~_~
lol ..
den e kwangyueh.. facebook ! HAHA .
k la.. im daydreaming :D
but no one say that i cant.. hohohho..

bloody holiday.
this aint a holiday alright..
i've still got a prelim next week..
y must tommy's birthday party got to be on sunday to tues?
i've got maths on monday..
chem and lit on tues..
god =.=
still gotta reviseeee ..
this is so torturing ><
haven been revising much ..
shalln't slack ><


and somehow..
gotta drag myself out to e reality.. lol..
no handsome guys !
lol .
they wont be with u anyway !
work hard for future...
jiayou me !

-m i that weak?...

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