Sunday, September 14, 2008

i gotta be firm in what i am
aiming for.. yes i must..
seems that everyone wants
a gentle mireen o.o
from e poll la (: except for a
weird one o.o who wanted a
fierce mireen .. omg. LOL.
but seriously i've never been
fierce did i? -.-"
mayb for e post before abit..
whatever.. -.-

lets state some of e things that
im changing to..

be gentle (:
control myself..
shall not be mad lyk im always doing..
forget what im suppose to forget..
letting go what i need to..
smile (:
compromise and tolerate..
focus in dance lessons..
be contented with what i have..
be more eloquent..
keep quiet to myself (:
not hyperactive..
not attracting attention or whatsoever.

and i need to change my mindset..
i should not change myself to suit ppl..
yes.. y must i?
i should not be mesmerised by guys
but they would be e one mesmerised by me.
LOL abit thick skin ;x
but well.. yeahh..
haha.. yess..
and plsplspls..
dont remind what i did in e past lyk..
u always ****** de..
plspls dont do that -.-
i dont lyk it..
thanks ((:


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