Tuesday, September 16, 2008

im kind of feeling sick now ):
well.. guessed that i lie too
much on the sofa jus now..
or rather , im too stressed..
am i?
i dont think so though..

dance exams are coming up..
teenage icon is next weekk..
o levels are coming in 29 days
time.. perhaps im stressed
i guess..

feeling quite down lately..
i dont know why too ):
and i dont haf anyone to share..
): well.. i ask for it isn't it?
well.. its okay..

hope i'll get good results
for my prelims ..
maths im alr disappointed w/
myself -.- for so many careless
mistakes.. i cant afford it !
english ):
ss )):
history )):

i need to smilee...
but do i haf the strength to?

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