Thursday, September 18, 2008

LOVE is sweet;
but !
friendship is lasting ;D

its from the heaven's staircase.. (:
but its lyk so sad ):
haha.. i shall wait for my
prince charming to appear ;D
from what yinyou has said..
HAHA. someone who will
cherish mee ;D
after o levels of course ;D

mugging for history and SS this few
days.. god =.=
this is tiring!
anyway.. im lyk feeling more fulfilling
at schh..
LOL. why?
because normally i dont
study during some periods..
and now, I DO.
well. im getting guai now alright..

im feeling quite happy,
due to some reasons (:
for frens..
yahh ;D

but at e same time,
feeling nervous and looking
forward to teenage icon semi final..
well.. seriously..
im nt that prepared yet =/
but i dont noe la duhh.
jiayouu bahh (:
gotta practiceee.

-ineedfriendships (:

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