Tuesday, September 09, 2008

mireen is sad )):

i dont understand why conflicts must happen..
even though it may deepens the friendship,
yet.. it may end it too )):
i believe everyone makes mistakes
in their lifeisn't it ? even monks do..
that's why theyare monks right ?
they are repenting to their sins..
how to maintain a good friendship?
well.. mireen can help u to have a rough sketch of it!
maintaining friendship.. is like driving a bus..
you've got to control the speed and
everything..people comes up and
down whenever they like..
IF u drive savagely.. hoho .. people will jus get
off the bus and take another one isn't it ?
and of course.. if they are chaotic on the bus,
u should jus throw them out (:

well ): its okay.. people go and comes..
jus depress abt the bond between each other ..(:
well.. also..friends need to tolerate
and compromise each other..if u don't,
do not regret.. you'll or you may lose
that person forever.. the feeling will be gone..
lyk holding the sand and letting it off..
when u grab again , it will be totally different feeling..
friends also need to empathise with one another..
you may never know what is on the mind of ur friend..
even though he or she is smiling , she or
he mayybe having a hard time in her/his heart (:
for example , you may.. hmm ..laugh at someone for some things..
he/she may seemed to be okay abt it.. but who knows?
he/she may be in grief abt what u all haf jus did to her..
yesss..but not everyone is perfect..

so u've gotta observe..not by eyes.. but heart ;D

WOW.. i sound lyk a professor today..HAHAHAHA !

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