Sunday, September 14, 2008


met khim kmy and yinyou at bishann.
didnt really mug much as i thought i would.
-.-" actually.. can say..
i didnt really do anything.. ):
which is BADDD.

after that.. went for the superband event..
buttt !
): we missed wugeren's performance..
khim was lyk y we didnt went down earlier !
lol ;DD HAHA.

anyway after that went to slack at mac and kfc (:
and jeremy and alton came to join us ..
after that went to yiyuan;s birthday party (:
well.. it was quite a pretigious one.. but .. abit too
exaggeratingg.. lol but well its his 18 birthday (:

well.. wasn't feeling good yesterdayy..
acknowledged somethings..
letting go...
im gonna 四大皆空!
haha ;D
why must i go look for dem?
y not let dem look for me instead -.-
LOL.. yessss.
i dont need **** to survive !


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