Sunday, September 14, 2008


went for tuition as per normall..
shimin dear came to meet me to acc her
to buy some birthday present..
i dont tink buying a shoe is a good present la duh -.-
khim u noe why right.. haha *winks!

after that went to xuan hse..
play dadi -.-" lol
anyway luckily im not e one who's
gonna pay it..
anyway i doubt anyone's gonna pay it la (:

and. onething..
sorry but i tink im going a bit offensive..
for goodness sake..
a**** can u stop adding in
when u're nt supposed to?
there's one jeremy which is enuff
for me to tolerate le.
too many i'll suffocate de alright..
i mean.. i dont really get angry with
him because i xi guan le.. but now
u start to add in.. and start saying
some unpleasant things..
i'll get more irritated alright?
if u continue to do this..
im sorry but i dont noe what i'll do..
so if u can stop, thanks alot..
sorry for saying that u're a loser just nw..


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