Sunday, October 05, 2008

finally dance exam over..
fully focusing on my exams now..
will be updating my blog
lessseerrrr . (:
YES. i need to focus !

well very disaapointed yesterday =/
didnt did well as i thought..
): ): ): ):
only got a2 .....
6th/7th =/
so saddeningg =/
i got lyk 87 marks in basic class..
drop by 15+ marks siah =/
well i tink is because of my choreo i guess =/
ps uh mr kmy..
i jus remembered kept -.- well u noe
LOL . SORRY. i forgot -.-

before that mugged with mr mingyangg
that no balls guy LOL
duhh . ;x if u wan to noe why ask me
ate popeyee at T3..
well its NICE. esp bread.
LOL seems weird uh. supposed to be
the chicken nice.. but i prefer bread ;x
as in i nvr eat before that kind of bread.
hohohooo. yeapp but chicken is nicee too!

starting from today maths intensive tuition
every wed and sat ..

my dancee - buttons
pls commentt ! i wan to noe where i didnt did well =/


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