Thursday, October 09, 2008

for once, im gotta break my
promise to blogg -.-

guess what i haf jus saw?
MY -.-
this is bloody hell -.-

obviously, he didnt change much
that's why i could make sure that
he's that person..
i couldnt believe my eyes man !
friendster haf such a use. LOL

well. i can say for sure nw..
even if i meet him or something
he cant recognise me -.-
and im sure that i wont lyk him LOL.
not that he's not handsome okayy.
jus that o.o he looks -.- jus lyk a
small BOYYY . LOL

done with my post.
studying in a frenzy way..
no laa jus mai dou ku du . LOL .
6 more days !

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