Friday, November 07, 2008

hello everybody!
my literature papers are over!

left with combine science mcq.
hope it doesnt come out too chimm ><

im almost bored to death this few days.
mass watching the oldd drama..
thinking of acting in taiwanese drama
one of the daYS.
alright. i'll and i can do it (:
if nottt.... its lyk useless to live in this world...
without a target or rather a dreammm. (:

well well well.
tomo im going to vocal course in LWSSOM.
hmm and after that mayb im going for css.
wish me luck alright.

and on sundayy to some stage presence course.

well im always awaiting for MR吴宗宪's show
on saturdayy. haha.

and im planning to lyk stay in taiwan for
a month mayb next year or next next yearr.
hahahhaha . xD

people who haf lobang for jobs.
pls contact me alright! ^^


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