Monday, November 24, 2008


jus watched finish the aids show - 不凡的爱
seriously.. if my husband is an aids carrier..
i dont tink i'll mind if he really really loves me.
well everyone one the earth hopes to have
someone to love them isn't it? (:
even animals do.....
and the show is super touchinggg.
i mean lyk. it shows hw much
power true love can carries.....

and why must love be connected to sex?
y nt NO sex? -.-"
buqun, wants yuhang when
they're nvr going to have sex ALRIGHT.
lol. i want someone lyk buqun LA.

and i wonder.. when will i
meet the one i love?

when will i have the opportunity
to do this with my another half??

my feelings are so like..
my blogsong(:

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