Sunday, December 21, 2008

i did not intend to blog this,
BUT since the person tagged
ON my chatbox, well i've got to explain.
even though i haf a bit of blame too,
but i dont wan to waste my time
entertaining this type of no life person =.=
and he's bloody 30 years old la =.=
oh pls. wake up ..

watch the following pictures
to understand the whole story.....

and after u noticed that there
are SO many emails, it can be shown
that he had been treated the same
by lots of person before that's
why he can online another email
super fast. LOL.

-FIRST email

-2ND email.....

oh and, if im rude,
he isnt? LOL what logic.
-retarded person transformed
into a GAL . LOL

ANYWAY. i shldnt be bothered abt that,
because the person has no LIFE. (:
i shld think of handsome guysssss......
SO HANDSOMEEEE. i guess everyone
AGREES WITH ME. hahahahahh :D
shuai dai le!

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